「 水晶の舟 」 - Suishou No Fune -
Japanoise Records/JRCD-03
69分 CD (紙ジャケット)



1 光のなかへ
2 チェリー
3 青い鳥の裏切りと自由
4 紅い花
5 黒い幻

光のなかへ (MP-3)

青い鳥の裏切りと自由  (MP-3)

g,vo   紅ぴらこ
g,vo   影男
dr     テール

プロデュース 水晶の舟・伊藤まく
デザイン    サカイ シュンイチ
録音      無力無善寺
アート     内山 ユニコ

First ‘real’ CD from the best new psychedelic guitar group to come out of Tokyo in years, stars of Tokyo Flashback 5 and the recent Le Weekend festival in Stirling. This brand new full-length album bundles definitive versions of early classics with a bunch of roaring new tracks that run from celestial guitar comedowns to torrential post-Rallizes form destruction. Dual vocals from Pirako and Kageo are just so much gravy, with Pirako’s high lungless style beautifully contrasting with Kageo’s infernal gut-wrenching roar. Something technically punk about the way Pirako tears through single-note runs like a flat-lined Jerry Garcia that is especially satisfying. A beautifully illuminating take on modern acid rock that’s the closest any group has yet come to articulating what might pass for the PSF in-house sound. Highest recommendation. Comes in a lurid psych-pink shrunken card sleeve.
(Volcanic Tongue U.K)

Alongside Aural Fit, Suishou No Fune are without doubt one of the finest of the new generation groups to emerge from the Tokyo underground scene. Formed in 1999 by the core duo of Pirako Kurenai and Kageo and often accompanied by others including ex-Les Rallizes Denudes members Doronco and Yokai Takahashi, Suishou No Fune have played extensively alongside Keiji Haino, Kan Mikami, Kousokuya, Chie Mukai and other heavyweights from the Tokyo. Here we have their first 'proper' full-length CD album - an absolute gem in dark, mellow psychedelic rock. Haunting vocals float on gentle guitar work that echos Makoto Kawabata's 'above the clouds' style of playing with a little more warmth, often reaching beautiful seemingly multi-layered orchestral moments. A very dreamy, desolate yet uplifting album and certainly one of the best things to come out of Tokyo in a while. Gorgeous cover artwork too.
(Second Layer Records U.K)


宮田徹也 (日本近代美術思想史研究)

It's probably fair to place Suishou No Fune in context along with contemporaries like Aural Fit, Up-Tight, Miminokoto and LSD-March as a member of Japan's latest wave of psychedelic rock bands. Their heritage would start some 35+ years back with the legendary Rallizes Denudes, whose Stooges-on-acid sound and darkly mysterious aura still serve as inspiration. Filling in the intermediate years one will find Fushitsusha, High Rise, Marble Sheep, Shizuka, Angel'in Heavy Syrup and others. .........
(Dusted Magazine Reviews U.S.)


Suishou No Fune is more of the ernest and powerful atmospheric rock from Japan to come out this year. This album is an exploration of familiar and uncharted territories - float along as the landscapes are revealed slowly and thoughtfully through mist and fog. But eventually the clouds will part for you, and everything is revealed in its chaotic glory, and the beast is upon you, but you don't know it, but you do know it, and the beast overtakes you and you fly and fly and fly and fly.
(Everything Is Fire U.K)


Modern Music (明大前) http://www.psfmm.com/
円盤 (高円寺) http://www.enban.org/