< THE NOISE BIRDS - The Dark Sea Hides A Bright Light >
Riot Season Records / REPOSELP 089

(42 minutes) 12" Vinyl Lp
released March 20, 2020
JPY 2,300

side A
1. When The Light Showers Down It Gives Us A Sign (10:03)
2. Beyond The Ocean, Flying In the Sky (11:01)

side B

1. A Dance Loved By A Lost Friend (20:56)

Produce by Riot Season Records
Recorded May 8, 2018 San Francisco
Engineering / Mike Shoun & Mason Jones
Mix / Mason Jones

The Noise Birds
Kurenai Pirako (g,vo,bells)
Kageo (g)

Mason Jones (g)
Mike Shoun (drs)

The album of the band "The Noise Birds" which unites Suishou No Fune and Numinous Eye.@On Release, Mar. 20 from riot season (UK).

The band's name, The Noise Birds.
We named like Japanese birds and American birds are migratory birds flying in each other's country. An album recorded in the San Francisco studio in May 2018.
Improvisation instrumental music with three guitars and drums.

Mason (g) & Mike (drs) lives in San Francisco
Kageo (g) & Pirako (g) lives in Tokyo

During 15 years, Pirako & Kageo(Suishou No Fune) and Mason & Mike(Numinous Eye) have made some show and US tours and Tokyo / Kansai tours.
Enjoy our conversation of Improvisation and the music of hThe Noise Birdsh playing the scenery!

Past works
Collaboration album "Suishou No Fune (Pirako, Kageo) & Numinous Eye (Mason, Mike)" Essence Music (Brazil) 2013 https://www.essence-music.com/releases/black-flowers-of-the-forest-in-the-cosmos-boxset/



Back in 2007, the Tokyo-based duo known as Suishou no Fune visited San Francisco, and during their stay participated in a recording session with old friends Mason Jones and Mike Shoun, who were operating under the name Numinous Eye. That session was released in a very small edition several years later by the Essence Music label from Brazil as "Black Flowers Of The Forest In The Cosmos". When Suishou no Fune were planning their latest trip to San Francisco in May of 2018, as part of filming for a documentary, plans were made for a follow-up recording. The quartet crammed themselves into a small rehearsal space, along with two guests who filmed the proceedings, and spent the afternoon creating dark, heavy psychedelic atmospheres.

Pirako and Kageo, on high-end and low-end guitar respectively, have an uncanny way of melding inner-space psychedelic drone with free-form guitar lines and spiritual sonic flow. Suishou no Fune has been a key part of Japan's scene for two decades now, playing as a duo as well as in extended format with drums and bass. San Francisco's Numinous Eye, started by guitarist Mason Jones after parting ways with his previous band SubArachnoid Space, has... released a string of albums bridging noise-drone with psychedelic rock. Prime collaborator Mike Shoun, on drums and synthesizers, has also played with Thee Oh Sees, Peacers, and many others.

Noise Birds, as a trio of guitars driven by drums, demonstrates a cohesive vision and melding of minds as the layers of sound shift around each other. Improvised together on the spot, these songs ebb and flow as the players communicate without words, focused on working together with the goal of taking the music as far in, and out, as possible. This is music as speech, as collaboration, as friends coming together across an ocean to express themselves as one, presented here for everyone else to hear and enjoy.

For fans of : Suishou no Fune, Bardo Pond, Kousokuya, Fushitsusha, Carlton Melton, Les Rallizes Denudes etc

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