< The lost trees of paradise >
Important Records / IMPRC482

(57:07 minutes) 12" Vinyl Lp
released December 12, 2019
JPY 5,000

side A : 27:06
1 Becoming a flower
2 The lost trees of paradise
3 Yatsude (fatsia japonica)

side B : 30:01

4 Keyaki (zelkova trees)
5 Talk
6 Becoming a flower

Produce by Important Records
Recorded at Show Boat on Jan.5,2016
Special thanks to Ikeezumi Junko's (translation)
Designed. Art  by Kageo
Artwork by Suishou No Fune

Suishou no Fune
Kurenai Pirako (g,vo)
Kageo (g)

Matsueda Hideo (b)
Harada Jun (drs)

<Mysterious stories in a small paradise>

One day, it was decided that the little jungle where Chibi sleeps would be destroyed.
That is a small paradise where trees, birds, chibi, pilako and kageo play.
This album is an improvisation live album that contains various mysterious episodes in the paradise.
(Note) Chibi = Pirako and Kageo's late beloved cat

Suishou No Fune "The Lost Trees of Paradise" LP record was released from Important Record

Suishou No Fune's Lost Trees Of Paradise was originally scheduled to be released on P.S.F.records in April 2016.
This is a memorable album with the late Hideo Ikeezumi, the founder of PSF.

Suishou No Fune will be in charge of the design and artwork and 100 copies produced , by hand and numbered.
This jacket is a special edition that was handmade and took two years. Records are pressed on white vinyl.

This was recorded from SNF's performance gSuishou No Fune UNDERGROUND SPIRITW-The Lost Trees of Paradiseh at showboat in Jan. 5, 2016. This is an improvisation live album that is composed of many mysterious stories in a small paradise.

In the spring of 2018, I and Kageo went out to collect many leaves of plants here and there. And we worked hard to make leaf stamps and veins of leaf utilizing of plant.

We handwritten on the front and back of the jacket.
All SNF's members did a lot of work applying handmade Japanese paper.The English translation of the lyric card was done by Junko, the child of the PSF founder Hideo Ikeezumi.

ySuishou No Fune -The Lost Trees of Paradise - LP - Handmade edition of 100 50 zCurrently,
this album is sold at Kuroneko Sabo in Asagaya, Tokyo, Japan.@

Mail order available.
You can hear this record at Kuroneko Sabo (Kuroneko Sabo is a cafe. Please order at least one drink per person.)



Suishou No Fune's Lost Trees Of Paradise was originally scheduled to be released on PSF but after the death of PSF founder Hideo Ikeezumi the record became a handmade tribute to the man and his legacy.
100 copies were produced by the band, by hand and numbered. Records are pressed on white vinyl.
For the sleeves, the band produced, by hand, a traditional Japanese paper called 'washi.' Washi, originating in Japan nearly 1400 years ago, is thin, durable and long-lasting. The lyric sheet inserts were also made by the band using a paper making machine to produce washi.
The Shosoin, an institution in Japan housing national treasures, has a 1200 year old book made from washi and recently UNESCO added washi to its list of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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