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Holy Mountain / 2957 LP
(side 1 - 14:28 / side 2 - 16:30) two song vinyl version
released November 3, 2008

Prayer For Chibi

side 1 : Becoming Flower
side 2 : Till We Meet Again

Produce by Holy Mountain.
Recorded at Audible Alchemy
by Jacob Hall and Steven Wray Lobdell, March 2007.
Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk at Stereophonic Mastering.
Distributed by Revolver USA.

Translation by Alan Cummings.
Picture by Kageo.
Design and illustration by Piotr Dubiel.

Suishou No Fune
Pirako Kurenai
This album was recorded in a studio of Portland in March, 2007 by Holly Mountain.
"Chibi" was a love cat of Pirako and Kageo. He died for a disease on February 13, 2007.
This album is a memorial album to him.
(Suishou No Fun)

Suishou No Fune originated in Tokyo's fertile psychedelic scene. After landing a spot on PSF's Tokyo Flashback 5 and releasing Where the Spirits Are in 2006, the group ventured out from Japan and took every opportunity to play across the United States and Europe. During one of these trips in the spring of 2007, the group--down to the crucial duo of Pirako and Kageo--went into a recording studio for a few days and laid down these massive new tracks. @@Two tracks, chosen by the group-- "Becoming a Flower" and "Till We Meet Again"--appear on this special vinyl edition. Much about Suishou no Fune has had to do with volume, but this new set of duets adds forays into starker songwriting and a languid serenity that works to make one feel as if it were necessary to hold one's breath through the entire album.
(Holy Mountain U.S.A) http://www.holymountain.com/

New vinyl edition of this excellent album from powerhouse Japanese underground duo Suishou No Fune whose fully obliterated guitar psych moves have illuminated the post-PSF scene. There's a heavy Nijiumu/early Fushitsusha feel to much of the dynamic here, with solo choral vocals accompanied by nothing but the clank of chains and thrumming single notes. With one mammoth track per side, the group dig deep into the kind of black static sound most associated with the whole Tokyo Flashback aesthetic, with twin guitars working languid flames high into the air.
(Volcanic Tongue U.K)

Now on vinyl! Well, partially anyway. This lp features two lengthy tracks ("Becoming A Flower" and "Till We Meet Again") selected by the band from the full version of Prayer For Chibi released as a double cd earlier this year. It's their first ever vinyl release, so presumably they picked their favorite songs from Prayer for it. Here's what we said about the whole 2cd edition previously, for those who don't already know all about Suishou No Fune:
There's been a batch of cool releases recently from this underground Tokyo flashbackin' "bleak-folk" duo, including live albums on both the aRCHIVE and Important labels. How best to follow those up? How 'bout with a two-disc, two-hour studio set on Holy Mountain, all the more room for the Suishou two (Pirako and Kageo, both on guitar and vocals) to sprawl out and let their heavy lidded (if not quite heavy) psychedelia bleed so bleakly and beautifully, including a few tracks previewed in live versions, like "Cherry" and "Til We Meet Again". Even if you haven't heard those, if you've heard any Suishou No Fune chances are you know what you're in for... the usual Suishou blend of fragile vocals wailing ever so gently over meanderingly melodic string strum and amp hum, a downer droney trance-out that's super languid and echoey, relaxed and Rallizesized.
The extended, lethargic and lovely lo-fi shimmer that Suishou No Fune conjures is embellished by some percussive rattling ritual at the opening of "Prayer", and enhanced elsewhere by occasional amped-up moments of distortodelic heaviness ("Resurrection Night" being a solid sixteen-minute example), though it's generally far to the softer side of countryfolk Boris and Acid Mothers Temple (for instance). We can guess you'll be filing this with your Shizuka, LSD-march, and Nagisa Ni Te cds... that is, filing it only after playing it over and over quite a bit, lost in a hypnotic reverie each time.
Prayer For Chibi was recorded with the help of Steven Wray Lobdell (David Redford Triad, Faust) and the cd booklet features Japanese-to-English translations of all the lyrics by the always helpful in that regard Alan Cummings, lyrics full of flowers, dreams, rain, stars, fireflies, and la la las...
(Aquarius Records U.S.A)

The Suishou No Fune "Prayer For Chibi" LP was released on November 3, 2008.
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