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Scumbag / c-45
(40:43 minutes) Cassette Tape
released Februry 16, 2010

1. secret entrance - endless descent (23:16)
2. with a breeze of the spring
A sample can hear that you click a title of a musical composition.

Publisher by scumbag relations
Art by Suzy Poling
Record at plunB
(May 19, 2007)
Studio GrandBlue
(April 15, 2008)

Suishou No Fune
Pirako Kurenai
All songs by
Suishou No Fune

Majestic twin guitar levitations.  Slow building echo/reverb laden washes of spectral ambiance flow into a beautifully writhing, tumbling ball of darkness and light.  Double-sided laser print covers featuring photography by Suzy Poling. Chrome cassettes with laser print labels.

(Scumbag Relations U.S.A)

Limited cassette album from the duo line-up of Japanese psych group Suishou No Fune. More slow-burning and atmospheric than recent releases, this is a twin guitar levitation that floats in on wasted vocals and majestically drugged strings.

(Volcanic Tongue U.K)

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