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Cut Hands/CH036
(43 minutes) CDR
released June 2, 2008

1 The memory of The ancient time
3 Endless Descent
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Produce by Cut Hands
Artwerk and insert by Jason Rohm
Record at
Koenji Mryoku Muzenji (2004)

Suishou No Fune
Pirako Kurenai (guitar,vocal)
Kageo (guitar,vocal)
Tail (drums)

New four track album from the trio incarnation of this always-excellent post-PSF Japanese underground group, with one of their most primitive, Industrial-wreckage/blues-pummelling sides to date: gMystic Atmosphere welcomes back the unpolished, raw around the edges side of these interstellar psychonauts. Slightly reminiscent of their first Holy Mountain album, Where the Spirits Are. Tailfs drums splashing like mossy boulders into the Pacific, primitive pounding Moe Tucker style. Mystic Atmosphere contains four tracks blessed with psych guitar panoramafs soaked in holy reverb, a slowed down monster jam sounding like a drone version of a Mainliner or High Rise track and their ever mournful, lost in life wailing. Second track is one of the heaviest Suishou No Fune tracks I have ever heard. 3 minutes of Fushitsusha-like venom, a concrete reinforced mini-jam while tracks 3 and 4 dive deep into the cosmic psych oceans previously explored by Les Rallizes Denudes. Rawest Suisho No Fune record to date, no doubt. 125 copies in the usual slimline DVD cases. Artwork and insert by Jason Rohm.h - CH. Recommended.
( Tolcanic Tongue )

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