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Modern music/magazine
published May 31, 2006

G-Modern vol.26

* Special feature
Long Interview /Keiji Haino
Mourning / Derek Bailey

* Main appearance artists
Wataru Okma
Hiroyuki Usui
Suishou No Fune (Interview)
Aural Fit
Kan Mikami
Masayuki Kakayanagi
Luc Ferrari

and more

Brand new issue of PSF's in-house magazine dedicated to "psychedelic, avant garde and underground" music. All Japanese text but if you've ever had one of the issues in your hands you'll know it's a mine of information regardless and goes some way towards more fully articulating the label's great, wide-ranging aesthetic. Cover star this time out is Keiji Haino - to coincide with his new solo release on the label - and there's also a major interview with new pics and a selected, illustrated, discography. Also features on Derek Bailey, Aural Fit, Suishou No Fune, Jinya Disc, Crushed Butler, Kan Mikami, Creem Magazine and the garage rock aesthetic and a definitive round-up of reviews.
(Volcanic Tongue U.K)

Publisher / Ikezumi Hideo
Editor / Hiroaki Akaoka
Design / Takuya Kitamura
Publication / Modern music
& Japan Music Support Association
Print / Aztecc
Book handling / Ricochet